I haven’t logged in, in a little while. I’m kinda still in ‘what, what happened here?’ mode. I’ve been wondering what to do – anticipating the rhythm of this site to wane over time – and been considering how best to preserve this living memorial. To the contrary, nothing has waned.  I’m very grateful for what has occurred here – 12,537 interactions, and counting.

It’s no secret that the inspiration for ‘Banksophilia’ came from a site for USA people, caringbridge.org – which facilitates living memorials, interactions and online communication support for people going through hard health times. But what we did here, what Iain did here, was so personal and direct I don’t think anyone has fully gotten their head around it. Meaningfully, beautifully human.

I’m thinking it may be a good idea to take this forward somehow. Too many people struggle with health issues, alone, or disconnected from friends and loved ones as things progress or get tough, and it’s not an income-related or social status related issue. I think a UK-style ‘caringbridge’ would be a great thing. I’ve written the directors of the US site for advice.

Some have raised hands in the guestbook to help out here, and to do anything that’s what will be required: technical expertise, help getting the word out, etc. So if anyone is sincerely interested in contributing to a side-project, send me an email. I also have to recognise the efforts of Paul Macdonald at ifdnrg.com, who jumped in last minute to make Banksophilia happen in time, and also when Iain’s fan site crashed do to the traffic after the announcement.

Be Well,



temporary contact addy:banksophilia@prettybrokenpunks.com


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