I wanted to say a huge thank you to every single person who has taken the
time to write something on these pages

To everybody who has shared news of their own encounter with this disease
we wish that that was something we didn’t have in common but we know and
appreciate just how much it takes to spare a little emotional empathy for a
fellow sufferer. Iain is genuinely delighted that some of you got better
news than we did.

Iain is reading every single comment although with something like 105 pages
to get through this might take a little while! That, however, is a very
pleasurable task. It is huge fun to read about all the people whose
relationships started (and survived!) through mutual love of Iain’s
writing; to read about the children who don’t know yet know what stack of
books is waiting for them when parents can be reasonably sure that they
won’t try any of the stunts from The Wasp Factory; to the people who
discovered bands or malts through repeated exposure to Iain’s own passions.
And it’s amazing to hear all the kind and sympathetic words – from Laos to
Hong Kong to Uruguay to India to Dunedin to Dunfermline – it is just
extraordinarily touching to have you all take the time to speak to Iain –
he has roared with laughter and been deeply moved by the love, kindness and
wit in your messages.

Iain’s adding the finishing touches to the new book at the moment but he’ll
post his own update soon. Until then thank you for showing my gorgeous,
wonderful husband how much he is loved and appreciated beyond his own front

After Iain proposed, I was referred to as Mrs-B-To-Be
Now that we’re married, I’m Mrs-B-To-Be-As-Was

At alliterative times like this, I’m grateful or my own teeth and a mop for
the drool 🙂

Chief Widow-in-Waiting

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